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tuesday, 05/27/14
Ahh. Beijing was too much fun. I hope to post some pictures and stories later. I love China, want to go there again. People are really nice and open.. you feel really free there. It is, fantastic to put it simply! :) Cheers, Alexander
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friday, 04/04/14

Hey guys.. I have been researching shows in the area of Beijing but how could I have missed the Chaoyang Theatre acrobatics show. This looks too good to be missed. So I decided to extent my plans for Beijing with one day, just becasue of this world famous acrobatic show! Never seen anything like that.. so I'm very interested. Chinese acrobatics, especially the one in Chaoyang is suppose to be the best in China. When people say something is "the best", I am very carefull if to belive or not. But after doing loads of research everyone is saying that same.. so it must be very very good!

It's also located very close to the delicious Beijing Duck Restaurant that I mentioned before!! So it's simply perfect and you can even go and visit the Chaoyang park nearby.. sometimes I just love planning!

PS. If you are in Beijing when I'm there, please contact me. I really want to met up with my good old buddies, as much as I can. So don't hesitate to drop me a mail. Cheers, --Alexander.

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sunday, 03/16/14

It's been an intense four days of planning. But I'm finally starting to see the light.. the light of departure that is!

I just love to plan before trips and this time, it's been too much fun with all the sites and things to do in the city. Here are some of the things I have planned for my self (and my wife!).

In Beijing:

Beijing Chaoyang Park. A huge park with a theme park. Both our family will have loads of fun but I can see some flowers and nature which I love.

Beijing Duck Restaurant (大董烤鸭店). This should be one of the best in town and anyway even the ones I tried before were amazing!

CCTV Headquarters will be one important visit because I happen to have colleague who works there and I will have special permission to visit the place.

In Shanghai:

I will stay in Shanghai Centre which is also where I will be seeing the most excellent, "Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe". I have never seen Chinese acrobatics before and I am so looking forward for this one!

Go and see "Shanghai Tower".. it's not quite finished yet. But it has been my obsession for long to witness one of the most amazing structures in the world.

There you go, a small glimpse into my trip. Later! --Alexander.

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wednesday, 03/12/14
It has been a long time since my last visit to the country.. and to pursue my passion for theatre. Yet, I am happy to announce that I will be going to China soon! This time I will visit both, Shanghai & Beijing. And if I have time I would love to visit Qingdao too. I'm ready to eat a lot of spicy and oily food.. meet a lot of interesting people and marvel amazing Chinese architecture. Also I will walk small streets and hold my nose! See you later guys, Alexander
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monday, 12/10/12

During my visit to Beijing, the Red Theatre show has left me absolutely speechless and a dedicated fan!:) Often on my travels I see a lot of different kinds of performances, but this one seriously must be one of the most impressive shows I have ever seen. The acrobatics is absolutely crazy and the ballet is so beautiful and tender. It is simply heart warming to see this brilliant performance. Those interested: http://redtheatrekungfushow.com

I have uploaded some shots from the show I took with my Canon. I'm not a professional photographer at all, it's just the fault of the show the pics came out so good. Right!

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